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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need To Apply?

We understand it's more work for you, it's more work for us & all we really want to do is party & have fun. However, where there are people willing to open themselves up, people are waiting to take advantage. It's important that we screen people before entering the party and can recognize each member during the party should we receive a report or see misbehavior occurring. When you let everyone into a party, the individual accountability falls as the anonymity increases, resulting in the rules originally agreed upon losing all relevancy.     

How Long Will It Take To Find Out If I Have Been Accepted?

It can take up to 4 weeks to receive a response. This depends on the volume of applications we receive; the closer to an event date, the higher the volume, the longer it takes. We strongly advise if you are interested in attending any future events, apply now to start receiving updates and information as soon as possible. 

What Criteria Are You Looking For In Our Application? 

We are looking for thoughtful and complete applications. If you are applying as a couple, you and your partner will need to complete separate applications. We want to get a feel for who you are as people, your relationship dynamics & how you think things through. The more you can tell us about your values and your thoughts & feelings surrounding your sexuality, the more likely we are to accept your application. Each question should be answered completely - if your answer is shorter than the question, we likely won't spend much time considering you for membership.    

I Was Rejected - Can I Reapply? 

The only time we recommend reapplying is if you submitted an incomplete application. In this situation we will take both applications into account. However, if you were not accepted and you proceed to continuously reapply, you will succeed only in cementing our initial feelings about you - that you cannot take no for an answer and hence do not fit The Rabbit Hole culture.   

I Was Asked To Leave Your Past Event - Can I Come To The Next One?


Once you have broken the rules your membership is fully revoked and you are not invited back. 

Ticket Sales Closed A Few Hours Before The Event & Now I Am Not Able To Buy A Ticket ! - What Can I Do? 

Unfortunately you will have to miss this event. Once ticket sales have closed they stay closed. No special deals, no cash at the door, no "just this once". If you are interested in attending our events we recommend you buy tickets early. We never oversell or exceed our comfort capacity.  

The Event Is Today & I Just Submitted My Application - When Can I Expect To Hear Back? 

Not today.

The day of the event we are running around, setting up & making sure our current members have a superior experience.  Your application will not be considered the day of an event. We strongly recommend submitting your application well in advance of the event you would like to attend.


I Am An Approved Member, However I Want To Bring A Partner Who Is Not A Member - Is This Allowed?  

No, our events are membership only. Please have your partner complete an application and have them put you in as a reference explaining the relationship.  


I Feel Like My Membership Was Accepted But You Sent Me This Health & Safety Guide With Hidden Words...Now I'm Confused. 

This is essentially step 2 of the application process. Once your application has been accepted, your next step is reading our health and safety guide so we can be sure you fully understand our rules, culture & expectations. There are 5 words hidden within the guide to ensure our members read it fully and carefully. The words are hidden in such a way dog that you must read it thoroughly.  

In the sentence above, dog is the hidden word. 

My Membership Was Accepted - Now What?

Pop Some Bottles!

Along with adding Info@TheRabbitHole.US to your email contacts, so we don't get thrown in the spam bin. Email will be the primary way we communicate with you regarding party updates, news, tickets and more!    

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